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Testimony & Policy Recommendations

2024 DCPS Tech Assessment.png

In 2024 we are continuing to focus on: 


Devices & Classroom Technology. Schools are more reliant on technology for teaching and learning than ever before, which is why it is critical to resource and support student, teacher, and classroom technology at the local school level.  


Asset Management & Tech Support in Schools. Schools continue to grapple with asset management due to a lack of targeted funding for asset management staff. Schools are dynamic places; the management of the technology that supports teaching and learning is more than a full time job. Gaps in funding, training, accountability mechanisms, and Central support structures persist and contribute to ongoing device loss rates. 


Digital Literacy Skills for K-12 Students. Digital literacy skills refers to the ability to use technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information. These skills range from keyboard typing skills and the basics of using a computer, to being proficient in using word processing, spreadsheets, and online learning platforms and being able to evaluate digital content and media.


Technology Infrastructure. Even before the pandemic, DCPS schools struggled with unreliable internet connectivity in school buildings. A reliable school internet infrastructure requires regular upgrades of network and building hardware, as well as a functional IT support system for troubleshooting WiFi problems. We still have a ways to go to provide a reliable, stable infrastructure that allows teachers and students to seamlessly connect.


DCPS students testifying before the DC Council

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